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Roof Cleaning Services In Gloucestershire

The Ultimate approach to roof cleaning

After a free site survey we will discuss the most appropriate method of safely accessing your roof and schedule the work accordingly.

You will be dealing directly with the owner of Ultimate Cleaning Solutions and not the canvasser then the sales person. We believe it's essential that you know who you're dealing with at all times. This process also helps to keep the cost of the work at a more realistic level as we do not incur these significant overheads.

Our investment in professional level soft washing and ancillary equipment ensures Health and Safety compliance. We will sheet up sensitive ground floor areas or - if the moss growth is heavy - ensure any adjoining properties are also fully cleared of residue.

After securing a safe method of access, we will scrape your roof from the top down, ensuring all moss and algae growth is bagged and removed. Once the roof is cleaned, a fungicidal wash is applied to ensure all spores are killed off.

We will - at this stage - take full note of any repairs that need to be carried out. It's often only when the moss has been fully removed that a thorough structural view can be taken. After the cleaning process is complete, we can carry out any small repairs.

Algae & moss removal

Due to our weather conditions in this country, there is a widespread abundance of moss that grows on our roofs. Left unchecked and depending on your type of roof covering, moss will cause damage that will eventually allow your roof to fail and allow water to penetrate your building. We will scrape the moss from your roof at gutter level from our own mobile scaffolding and ladders, then apply a solution that will kill off any remaining moss spores along with lichens, algae, black mould and organic growth.


Roof Washing

If your roof is free from moss or only a few years old, it may be looking tired or dirty from atmospheric grime. It could be, that all you require is a quick “roof shampoo”. Again, all treatments are from gutter-level via mobile scaffolding or ladders and treatment from Ultimate Cleaning Solutions will return your roof to looking like new again.

All guttering and downpipes after these processes are cleared and all debris is removed by us from your property.

To discuss what treatment is ideal for your property



Unsightly and dangerous, lichen comes in mainly three colours. White and yellow lichen is easy to remove, either by pressure washing or other solutions. Once removed, they are usually removed for good. Black lichen is different as it grows into whatever you see it on. Pressure washing will only remove the surface but at Ultimate Cleaning Solutions, we have the knowledge and skill to kill the roots for good.