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Types of wall and cost

Not all walls can be cleaned effectively to bring them back to a suitable standard - particularly if there is an unreasonable expectation of what might be achieved. Most require a specialist kit and the right time of year. It also requires an application of treatment to achieve the required effect. That's where our professional external wall cleaners at Ultimate Cleaning Solutions come in.
There is a substantial difference between cleaning a garden wall/outhouse and cleaning the main house.  There's also a substantial difference between the types of material used.
We're familiar with practically every building material, but we focus in the main on natural stone, brick, render, and painted walls.
Cost is an issue for wall cleaning as every property is different. This is why we only quote after we have seen the property and have discussed the desired end result and reason for the clean. We use a new system to the UK called soft washing, which has been used in the USA to clean render for many years. 

What is soft washing?

Soft wash is a safe and effective way to clean exterior surfaces. Although soft washing is most commonly used for roof cleaning, this method is also used to clean cladding, K-rend™, painted render, block pave driveways, decking, Tarmac™, patios, and fences. 

The soft wash uses low pressure, 1000 PSI or lower, with a biodegradable chemical. This removes the biological element, black and red mould, algae, pollen, dirt, moss, and other stains without damaging the surfaces on your property or killing your plants.  

Benefits of soft washing:

  • Uses less water

  • Little to no noise

  • More cost effective

  • Maximises surface life

  • Longer lasting results

     (proven 4-6 times longer than pressure washing)

  • Safe for all know building materials

  • No damage to the surface being cleaned

  • Kills all the spores missed by power washing